Monday, November 2, 2015

The Crown

I am not a competitive person.  The last time someone convinced me to sit down behind a chess board and started advancing pawns, I looked at him in silence and thought to myself, “Why do we have to fight about this?  If you want the queen, just have it.  I like the horses better anyway.” 
I Corinthians 3 - I had a similar approach to this passage and passages about receiving rewards and crowns in heaven.  I was just going to be glad to get there.  Why should I strive to get more crowns and jewels than other people?  It seemed… greedy.
My whole perspective changed when I thought about when I would see His face. 
Peter talks about ‘Him, whom having not seen, ye love.’
One day, I will see Him.
Face to face.
I will know, even as I am known.
I will look into His eyes, and there will be no more veil, no more darkness, no more questions.  Every desire and every question will be satisfied.
There need be no room for pessimism over that meeting, because He is perfect, and He is love, and He will not disappoint me.  He will be everything I ever wanted, and I will adore Him.

And then I knew why I wanted that crown.