Monday, October 6, 2008

My Autobiography

"Hey, Kim, what was that quote we were talking about the other day?" Samuel called to me from his conversation with a friend.

I balanced baby Ira and a cup of tea on the couch while trying to remember, "Uh... something like, 'Women that behave themselves never make history.'"

Sam's friend laughed. "I suppose it's true," he mused.

"Most of the women in the Bible were in exceptional circumstances," someone else pursued, "and some were exceptions in themselves; Mary for example, Esther, and so on."

Sam's friend smiled at me from his keen brown eyes, "You'll have to write an autobiography, some day."

Ira was trying to reach Nana's tea trolley in a manner that would soon send him flip-flopping over the arm of the couch, and my tea with it in the attempted rescue. I mentally wondered where 'four children and hoping for more' was going to allow time for an autobiography, let alone something worth putting in it.

"My biography is in my children."

And maybe that's the answer. Abraham Lincoln said he owed all that he was to his mother.

Why do we strive for recognition? Why would so many look at the above quote and say, "That isn't true, that isn't fair, that shouldn't be!"? There are people everywhere, wanting to make their lives count. But they are not willing to be hidden.

Hid with Christ in God. Christ Himself is hidden. Col 3:3 For ye are dead, and your life is hid with Christ in God.

So then... is it beneath us to be hidden also?