Sunday, May 10, 2009

Inspired to Soar

The following is a quote that has been with me for many years now. It first jumped out at me from a collection of sayings in a quaint calligraphic hand written by an elderly lady in our church who had us round and fed us the classiest meal my ten-year-old eyes had ever seen.

I still remember her house, her little round table that crowded our family of five around it, the glass dishes with the amazing slices, the living room filled with knick-knacks that would now fill my mother-of-toddlers heart with terror.

I still remember the thrill it gave me at the time, and I copied it out... somewhere. Somewhere in my personal stationary it stayed until I came across it again, and wanting to preserve it, I wrote it in my best handwriting in the cover of my small hand Bible that I still own today.

I suspect that dear old saint has gone to her reward now, and if she has, one of her rewards will be the influence she had on inspiring the relationship of a ten-year-old with an unfathomable God.

What a small thing she did that day! She fed us a beautiful meal. She let us look through her collection of sayings. But I still remember the thrill those words gave me and the way they wrapped themselves around my heart, echoing like bells in a clear night.

It inspired me to Know Christ.